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The Shift.Intention, Gratitude, Connection, Purpose, Acceptance

After completing the Shift six week course i was able to understand how integral meditation
As a practice is to living my best life and increasing my capacity in all aspects of my world. 

Leroy Wiseman and Bobby Petty created and maintained a beautiful and vulnerable space for
all members of the course including myself to feel safe and welcome to share the struggles
We were dealing with and the achievements.

This course has lead me to creating a consistent meditation practice and founding amazing
connections with like minded men.”

Leroy Britton

about the course

Why so many people participate in our Shift course is because it makes a profound and sustained difference in their lives. 

It does this by providing an accessible pathway into the practice of meditation and a proven methodology to embed meditating twice a day for 20 minutes, into their lives as an ongoing practice. 

Our participants also acknowledge that all of our facilitators talk from their own direct experience, and share authentically and vulnerably their own challenges and pitfalls, and how a regular practice of meditation has impacted their worlds. 

This opens up a whole new conversation around purpose, priorities, capacity, resilience, connection and what it means to live a life that works. 

All of those concepts are broken down into simple, practical and useful ideas so that participants can clearly relate to them and apply them to their whole lives. 

As this process is occurring within a group framework another unexpected element emerges – that of sitting in circle with other like-minded people all with their own stories, their own challenges and victories. 

Over the duration of the course three things occur:

The first is a direct experience of the power of a regular and consistent meditation practice.

The second is an understanding of tools and perspectives that enable this new practice to be embedded and sustained over time

And the third is the birth of a connected circle of people who started the Shift as strangers and completed it as a connected community.  

And that is why our participants report a significant and ongoing change in their lives as a result of doing the Shift Course.

We launched in 2018 and by the end of 2022 well over 600 people had participated in our Shift course 

Over 85% of them report that it has made a profound and sustained difference in their lives. 

The course achieves this by focusing on three key areas 

1. A simple pathway to creating a consistent twice a day 20 minute meditation practise. 

2. Exploring life’s inevitable ebb and flow and how to cultivate the resilience (mental fitness and capacity) to deal with it effectively. 

3. Creating a community and peer to peer support group with the other 8 t 10 course participants.

During the course, we explore conversations around purpose, priorities, capacity, resilience, connection and what it means to design a life that works. 

The Shift experience is supported by highly experienced facilitators who always talk from their own direct experience, and share authentically and vulnerably their challenges and ebbs and flows and how the Shift practises have impacted their lives.  

course outline

Week One 

Intentions of The Shift.

You get clear on your ‘why’ for participating in the Shift.

Setting up a clear framework that ensures a safe space for all participants and creates an impactful Shift journey.

Week Two

Identity & Connection

An experiential look into the interplay between identity, ‘ego’ and connecting with others. Exploring what it means to be present with ourselves, present with others, and accepting of what is in the present moment.

Week Three


An experiential and practical dive into mindfulness and its benefits.
Tools and strategies to encourage deeper awareness and appropriate response to any situation.

Week Four

Meditation as a Foundation for Integrity


To be trustable in the eyes of others, we need to first find a space where we can be trustable to ourselves.
Explore what it takes to maintain personal practices that become sustained commitments.
Distinguish the power that comes from actively creating the life that you are committed to living.

Week Five

 Circle Experience

We experience what it means to sit in circle with others around the metaphorical campfire. 

An opportunity to be open about areas of our lives that challenge us as well as championing each other through the victories.

Explore how to support each other on a deeper and more meaningful level. 

A profound experience of being seen, heard and witnessed by others, and the freedom that comes with, and from that.

Week Six

Complete this part of the journey 

In our final session of this program, we acknowledge those who have been on the journey with us and how each of us have Shifted. 

For those continuing on the Shift journey we explore the Container and How the Sit supports us in our meditation, circle and practise journey so that we evolve into the best version of ourselves. 

And why the journey never really stops ……….

course Investment

The total course fee of $600 (+gst) 

The first payment of $100 (+gst) is required upfront to secure your spot. 

The remaining $500 (+gst) can be paid upfront or in 5 equal weekly payments once your course begins


The cost of the course includes the $110 registration fee.

We offer an opt-out structure at the end of session 1 you feel like the course is not for you.

We are committed to keeping our courses accessible and affordable which is why we have subsidies, scholarships and payment plans available.

Scholarships are provided by previous course attendees and subsidies are offered by people and organisations who have participated in our courses – a testament to the power of this work.

Evening week of the course -to-week and you may stop at any point if you feel,
for whatever reason that the course is not for you.

course FAQ

Our course is delivered by people who are deeply immersed in this work and can talk from direct experience. It is our humanity, authenticity, vulnerability and integrity that is the basis for this and that is what our facilitators practise. This makes them approachable and inspiring.

The course is delivered both online and face to face to in an intimate group setting of between 8 and 10 attendees and a Shift facilitator 

Attendee Composition 
The course is offered in gender-specific formats ie men only, and women only as well as mixed-gender groups.

We also offer the program to specific age brackets, and demographics by request.

Attendees come from many different back grounds and life situations but all share the same commitment to engage with these practises, and Shift their mindset or situation 

The course runs once per week over 6 weeks. Sessions are on consecutive nights i.e Wednesday nights for 6 consecutive Wednesdays. The sessions are 2 hours long and each session includes meditating together a group. Our usual times for the evening courses are 7:30 – 9:30pm 

Course start and finish dates coincide with School holidays and do NOT clash with them so as to enable participants to attend consistently. 

Is the Shift or Sit affiliated to anything 
We are not aligned with or linked to any movement, religion or organisation. The course is delivered in a practical, accessible, mainstream way and focuses only and specifically on the here and now. 

What if I don’t want to the Shift in a group environment
We offer the Shift one on one for people who are not comfortable with the group environment. The one on one course consists of 4 sessions. This 4 session format can also be bespoke for work places, schools, clubs etc. 

To find out more please email  

Join the Shift.



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