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the Shift

Our introductory course – An opportunity to shift by embedding key practises and fresh perspectives including:

A twice daily 20-minute meditation practise.

Peer-to-peer support circles.

A new lens through which to view life’s purpose and its inevitable ebb and flow.

Format is a 2-hour session once per week over 6 weeks.

The course is offered live and online in small groups (max of 10 per course cohort) 

Courses can also be run face to face, one-on-one, or for other gender groups all on request

Course investment starts at $600

the Circle

An opportunity to deepen the experience of sitting together around the metaphorical campfire. 

Circle is a space to be seen, heard and witnessed and an opportunity to recalibrate and connect with self and others. 

Peer-to-peer support Circles are self-directed with input on a needs basis by our volunteer facilitators.

The Shift Course is the best way to learn about or become part of a Men’s Circle as a first step.

the Practise

This program is designed to support attendees to create lives consistent with who they are committed to being and what they are committed to doing in the world. 

We call this a Purpose driven life rhythm 

The program is offered both online and face to face and in many different formats. Most popular is our 4 week cycle which includes group get togethers and one on one coaching.  

the Connect

At the end of each Shift course our Shift  graduates gather in a half-day experience to connect with each other and many of the other people in our amazing Sit Community

These inspiring get-togethers include a range of activities from meditation to breathwork, ice baths, exceptional guest speakers and the latest tools and hacks to support the members of our sit community to create lives that work.

A beautiful morning of connection.

creating change & expanding capacity through self awareness & authentic connection

what our graduates say

“What amazing course that will teach you, in a very practical & structured way, how to meditate & get this new habit to permeate every aspect of your life. 

In a small group & a welcoming environment, this course is facilitated by Jason, a great bloke who speaks from his heart. With real passion, jason will get you into the life changing world of meditation.

If you haven’t meditate before, give yourself the chance to learn a skill which will change your life for the better. You won’t regret it! Thank You Jason!”

rafael reyes conde

“I’m just a regular guy living on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, i have a great family & lots of friends but i’m not happy, so I wanted to experience mediation. 

I called & immediately connected with Jason as his own background was similar to mine & in a touch of fate they had the Shift starting the following week so i signed up not really knowing what to expect.

I found myself in a room of 13 men of all ages & backgrounds but with one thing in common & that was we all have something missing from our lives and hoping meditation & this group could help.

Fast forward 5 weeks, i’m amazed how open everyone has become & how after just 5 weeks of commitment to meditation so many lives have changed for the better including mine. I strongly believe that this course, Jason & the guys who I have met have changed my life for the better & i’m looking forward to the future where meditation will play a huge part in my life.

If your feeling the same way but something is not right, I recommend you reach out to Jason, have a chat & do the course – after all we owe if to ourselves to be happy.”

russell bebb

“I’ve just completed the Shift & it has been one of the most beneficial courses I’ve ever done.
I had the typical thoughts us blokes have about meditation but it has turned out to be life changing.
Highly recommended.”

jamie gray

“the Shift is something I recommend to any man at any age, it has truly changed my life.
The change in all 5 men that were in my class is immense. As a tradie, I didn’t think meditation would be something i would ever do, but I’m so happy that I took the first step & gave it a go.”

nathan close

“I went through the first meditation for men course in Avalon – Jason creates a great, no incense, no kumbaya, no drum circle environment for blokes to come together and experience the benefits of a regular meditation practice.  

Since the course, the guys have continued to meet up to meditate & exercise on the beach & we also went away to the snowy mountains for an awesome long weekend of hiking, laughs & a few frosty beverages (after climbing Mt Kosciuszko, you’ve got to have a few Kosciuszko pale ales.)”

james daly


short written testimonial 


short written testimonial 


short written testimonial

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